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    Sumner County Democratic Party

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    SCDP stands with Charlottesville against hate

    In the aftermath of the horrific events that occurred recently in Charlottesville Virginia, there has been a veritable landslide of responses, ranging from caring, compassionate people…to those whom I don’t understand how they can look at themselves in the mirror each day. As a lifelong Democrat, I’m proud that the Democratic party has historically been […]

    Do Politicians Know Anything About Schools and Education? Anything?

    FROM:   By Diane Ravitch, Nieman Watchdog 08 February 12   Diane Ravitch poses a dozen piercing questions on education and school policy. Some of them turn conventional thinking on its ear, and each could be a starting point for reporting on elections, from the presidency on down to local school boards.   1. […]

    Sex education is the best way to cut unplanned pregnancies

     Letter to the Editor Published in The Tennessean 1-31-12 Let’s get some things straight about Roe vs. Wade. First, do opponents really think we do not have a right to privacy? Is a person’s health care everyone’s business? Secondly, I have been in the health-care field for 30 years, and I know of no one […]

    Maggart Leaves Us Speechless

    Not much needs to be said about this video, since Rep. Debra Maggart (R-Hendersonville) lays it out on the table for us:  since “all these people” get public housing and buy beer and cigarettes, they have to have a photo ID already. httpvh://

    Black’s “Cut Down America Plan” Doesn’t Measure Up

    Following the release of a stunning poll showing “two-thirds of the public say an agreement to raise the debt limit should include tax hikes for wealthy Americans and corporations, not just spending cuts,”  top economy hostage-keeper and Congresswoman Diane Black tries her hand at damage control. Quoting the Credit Rating Bureau Standard & Poors, she tsk-tsks the negotiations over […]

    Statement on 1981 Financial Management Act

    The Sumner County Democratic Party would like to announce its full support of repealing the 1981 Financial Management Act. “It is important to remove unnecessary barriers surrounding educational resources,” said Charles Ihrig, SCDP Chair.  “The School Boards are elected and can manage their own money as well as any other elected body.” Citizens and groups […]

    The Facts on Diane Black

    Tonight Congresswoman Diane Black will be hosting a town hall meeting in Sumner County and we hope to see you there!  The meeting begins at 5p.m. at Hendersonville City Hall in the main meeting room.  Below are some facts you may want to know before coming tonight!   Diane Black’s Lies by Omission In an […]

    At Risk: Our Children, Our Teachers.

    Your family works together to take care of each other. Your children deserve a community that works together to create a prosperous, competitive future. When politicians turn on that community, we see the result of electing radicals to office. The Tennessee Legislature returns this week dominated by such radical conservatives, bent on destroying the middle […]

    Seriously. Vote.

    If you don’t vote, only their votes will count.

    On the Passing of Sheriff Bob Barker

    On Tuesday Aug 17th, the Sumner County Democratic Party released the following statement via website The Sumner County Democratic Party joins the rest of Sumner County in mourning the loss of a community leader and friend, Sheriff Bob Barker. Our prayers and condolences lie with Connie and all of Sheriff Barker’s family, friends, and […]

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