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    Sumner County Democratic Party

    Leadership Elections: Your Turn!

    March 17th, 2019 by SCDP Chair
    Your turn!

    If you are reading this, you likely know that the biennial reorganization convention of the Sumner County Democratic Party is set for 10am April 6 25 at the County Administration Building in Gallatin. What you may not know is what this process is for and what it entails.

    The bylaws of the Tennessee Democratic Party (TNDP) stipulate that each county party in the state “reorganize” every two years as the start of preparations for the next election cycle. This reorganization is to occur in the first quarter of odd-numbered (non-election) years. The purpose of reorganization is just that -to reorganize the local party. This involves holding election for the various offices of the county party, making any changes to the bylaws governing the county party and determining the Executive Committee and any other committees the membership determines are warranted.

    The key word there is “membership.” This is not a regular party meeting called by the party chair or executive committee, rather this is a convention called by the state party to allow local party members to set their own leadership and agenda. The Chair of the Reorganization is usually not the county party chair. No official business of the party other than election of officers and consideration of bylaws changes is permitted during this convention.

    Here’s how it will work. First, all members of the party are called to convention. You may have received a postcard, a phone call, seen a news release or read about the convention on social media. At the convention, all members sign a credentials form that affirms they are party members in good standing. (Tennessee does not register voters by party, so this affirmation is done by the word of the signer.) When the convention is called to order, the Chair will require the report of the credentials committee and then the elections may begin.The office of Chair is filled first, voted on by all party members. Next is the Executive Vice Chair and then Secretary/Treasurer. After these officers are selected, the convention will break up into caucuses by county commission district to elect 24 vice chairs. Each will elect one male and one female vice chair.

    After the convention closes, the new Chair may then convene a general meeting of the party to conduct such business as is deemed necessary by the Chair and Executive Committee.And that’s it. Reorganization allows new voices, new leaders and new energy to regenerate the party for the coming elections. It is a “democratic” (both “Big D” “little d”) process that allows each county party to determine locally how they will operate. If you want to make a difference locally, under the guiding principles of the Democratic Party, then reorganization is for you.

    Hope to see you there!

    What: SCDP Convention for Reorganization

    When: Saturday, April 6, 2019, 11am

    Where: Sumner County Administration Building, 355 N Belvedere Dr. Gallatin, TN

    Convention Chair: Honorable Zach Young

    Who: All Democrats registered to vote in Sumner County

    Why: Elect officers and conduct other business as allowed by the bylaws of the Tennessee Democratic Party.

    There is never any cost to attend or to be a member of the party.

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